Lansley Diet Coffee

MVR 150.00

  • Weight control coffee Special skin supplements Mixed with extracts for health and beauty, all 7 types help enhance skin
  • Special flavored aromatic Arabica coffee With sweetness Free from sugar and cholesterol, beautiful formula, both shape and skin in one cup
  • Contains extracts Fiber helps the digestive system function Helps to fill the food faster. Collagen enhances smooth skin Slow down the wrinkles Ginseng extract reduces blood sugar levels Resist stress Refreshing body
  • White Kidney Bean Extract inhibits starch accumulation Help shape L-Carnitine accelerates the metabolism of excess fat Chromium reduces fat generation Break down old fat into energy Multivitamin helps system function in the body.

How to use:

Use 1 pack of coffee per 1 hot water (120 cm)

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